To Become a Member of the San Jacinto Model Railroad Club

by Don Bozman

The only requirement to club membership is that you must belong to the National Model Railroad Association. This is the organization that has set industry standards which benefit you directly whenever you buy RR equipment, whether you are aware of it or not. Additionally, it’s a non-profit educational association dedicated to anyone who enjoys the hobby. It provides standards to build trouble free operating layouts, and modeling tips galore. If you’re fairly new to the hobby, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all by yourself. Many members have gone before you, and are delighted to share what they have learned to do (and not do) through the NMRA conventions and Scale Rails monthly publication. As a member, you can attend these regional and national conventions, read the magazine, and receive many other fine benefits.

Whether you already belong to the NMRA, or have just joined, please fill out our club membership form so we can add you to our membership rolls and welcome you aboard.

Click to download the San Jacinto Model RR Club Membership Form

To see more reasons for joining the NMRA, see: NMRA Member Services

The San Jac club has an official monthly newsletter called the Derail. You can receive the Derail free if sent by email. If you desire a printed Derail delivered by the US Postal Service, however, a subscription fee of $8.00 per year will be charged. Thus, when you complete the club application form, choose which way to have your Derail delivered. (One other thing; email gives you a pdf file in full color suitable for downloading to your printer, while the printed copy by US Mail Service is in black and white.)